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28.Nemmeli is Coming under Pattukkottai (Taluk) & Thanjavur (District).As per the 2001 census, Nemmeli had a total population of 1147 with 580 males and 567 females. The sex ratio was 978. The literacy rate was 71.1

There are Four Community people are presently Living In this Village,Thus, Veerakodi Vellalars,Agamudaiyars,Mutharaiyars and Aadhithravidans.

Sri Muthu Mariyamman Temple and Sri Singara Aakaludaiyar Temple ( Which is stands for “AYYANAR”,Who was belongs to Vellalar Community) these famous temples are Presents in the Village. Agriculture is the Main occupation of the people and Nowadays the Young Generation people are Employed in various sectors in Across India and Inside the India...Like, Engineers,Teachers,Advocates, Policemans,etc...., )



"Maravarum, Kallvarum, Agamudaiyarrum mella mella maruvi Vellalar aayinare"

The famous Tamil Saying mentioned above shows that Caste is a slow evolutionary process. Therefore, the term Caste, in the past was just used to Describe or Categorize a person according to one's job, duty or a way of life & once they accumulate enough wealth, there must have been CASTE REFINEMENT -UPGRADATION in the old days, unlike now. 

The Vellalans are supposed to be descendants of foreign immigrants who entered the country of Madura about 900 A.D. A very numerous caste, speaking a pure dialect of Tamil, their proper occupation was that of agriculture, but they engaged in many others, including Government service and the army, though never in such employments as were considered to be personally degrading. Thus they were never artisans, barbers, tanners, tom-tom beaters, fishermen, hunters or jugglers. They belonged to the Saiva sect, and abstained from

eating flesh or drinking intoxicating liquors. Polygamy was unknown among them, and the chastity of their women was jealously guarded. From this it is clear that the Vellala caste was highly respectable and self-respecting, that its members were Likely to be of a very versatile natural disposition, and finally, as statistics show that amongst all the castes in Madura the Vellalans are in height and chest measurement surpassed

only by the Maravans,that they, though neither priestly Brahmans nor warhke Kshattriyas, were eminently qualified to distinguish themselves in any capacity, civil or military. Thus, in earlier times some of the most celebrated Tamil writers had been Vellalans, and the great soldier, Arya Natha,who founded the Pohgar system in Madura, belonged to that caste. But though the caste system in India is more elastic than is

sometimes imagined, it is in its essence rather protective than progressive, and places strict limits upon the aspirations of ability. ( For more Info refer “THE REBEL COMMANDANT”)


Veerakoodi Vellalar is one of the sub-castes of Vellalar community. They are Small Community of fighters who fought to save their homelands. This community people are presently residing in 36 villages in Thanjavur & Pattukkottai which was called Musukunda Nadu in Early Chola times. This Backward Community resides in villages around Musiri which is considered to be Headquarters.


28 Nemmeli



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